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Frequently Asked Questions


Is it free to list my business?

In order to launch this site, we have created an opportunity to list your business for free. This free trial period will be free until the end of October 2006. This will give business owners an opportunity to see if the site is growing and if the site delivers what we plan it to.

Can I list my business under numerous categories?

Yes you may. of course one of the problems with free sites is that entries are often plastered into numerous categories unnecessarily. However we will consider good discount structures for those adding multiple entries.

What if someone is not a Christian and they list their business?

Everyone listing on the site must conform to the code of ethics and that means agree to do business ethically as befit the kingdom of God. Some people will take a chance. That is before them and God. In some instances business owners do not specify the church they worship at. In these cases we show this as such.

What is the minimum period I can join for?

Initially joining is free (until the end of the window period). Thereafter you can take out membership. The cheapest membership is standard membership which is for a minimum of 6 minimum of 6 months. The total cost for a six month period will be R72. Alternatively, you can pay for 10 months and get 2 free, bringing the total fee for a year to R120.

Who are the owners of this web site??

See the About us section - link at bottom of home page


















































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