Frequently Asked Questions

Is it free to list my business?

In the past we have allowed FREE listings. As a result, we have not been able to allocate the time and resources to the site, since time is money and as much as we would love to do this as a charity, we also need to live. From 2016, we have started to charge. However, for less than R150, your business can be listed for two years. This ensures companies keep their pages up to date. See the Prices here

Can I list my business under numerous categories?

Yes you may list under as many as four categories. Go here to Create a Listing

What if someone is not a Christian and they list their business?

There is no way to “check”, since people can profess anything. In our new format we offer a Review panel, where members of the public can review a business and should we find a business that is clearly unethical, and operates under different principles to this network agreement, we will refund the business and remove them.

What are the requirements for adding a business to the site?

  1. By submitting an application you understand that you are committing to do business in a manner that shows integrity and excellence as best as you can.
  2.  You agree that the business you are listing is owned or run by a Christian (note there may be other partners, provided at least one of the top directors is a Christian)
  3. A Christian (by definition of this site) is not simply someone who is a non-Jew or a non-Muslim. A Christian is anyone who has submitted his or her life to God and submits to the lordship of Christ in his or her life.
  4. If there is a complaint by any customer who feels they have not received good service or what they have been promised by way of product or service, you will handle their complaint in an efficient and professional manner.
  5. The business owner must be someone who belongs to a local church. Whilst we cannot prescribe attendance, we believe that belonging to a local church means attending services at very least once a month, although more ideally, at least once per week as far as possible.
  6. The Christian Businesses Network retains the right to remove a business from the network where, after following up the complaint with the business concerned:
    1. A complaint is received from a customer pertaining to dishonesty of any sort and proves to be correct
    2. A company has been added which has no church affiliation whatsoever and therefore by definition is not a Christian run business (as per our definition in point 3)
    3. Regular complaints are received from customers pertaining to a company where the quality of service or product is not becoming to the standards we are trying to uphold.

Do you charge for listing a Christian Event?

No we do not. If however you wish to feature the event prominently, such as on the home page, or a s a feature under a category, there is a small charge.

I need more information

If you need more information, please use the contact form in the menu.

Why does this site charge in US Dollars?

The reason we do this is that we use Paypal as our primary ecommerce gateway. Paypal does not have a facility at this point that allows us to set the currency in ZAR. However, please note that your credit card will be debited in Rands. There is no foreign currency transaction involved. All that happens is the Rand equivalent of the US dollar amount is calculated and then you are charged in rands. You can check the amount you will be charged at http://xe.com


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